Project Supervisor Design Process

Gordon White is a qualified PSPD and has provided PSDP services to projects as diverse as the re-landscaping of High Street in Dublin City Centre, numerous housing projects and a new vehicle gate at Dublin Airport.

Our duties as a PSDP

The duty of the project supervisor for the design process is to ensure co-ordination of the work of designers throughout the project. As PSDP we will:

  • Identify hazards arising from the design or from the technical, organisational, planning or time related aspects of the project
  • Communicate necessary control measure, design assumptions or remaining risks to the PSCS so they can be dealt with in the safety and health plan
  • Where possible, eliminate the hazards or reduce the risks
  • Ensure that the work of designers is coordinated to ensure safety
  • Organise co-operation between designers
  • Prepare a written safety and health plan for any project where construction will take more than 500 person days or 30 working days or there is a particular risk and deliver it to the client prior to tender
  • Prepare a safety file for the completed structure and give it to the client
  • Notify the Authority and the client of non-compliance with any written directions issued.


Campus Manager

STEPHEN Campbell

Gordon White has been the lead Civil Engineering Designer for Citywest Business Campus and environs for three decades now and his knowledge of the Campus and its services has been invaluable over this period. Through his company GWCE Ltd., Gordon continues to provide day to day Civil Engineering consultancy as required. Along with Civil Engineering, GWCE are also the main provider of Legal Mapping for the developments in the area and have been since the first site here was registered in 1995.

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