Civil Engineering Design

Gordon White Consulting Engineers provide Civil Engineering Design Services for all sizes of development from a single house to large residential developments to Landscape and public realm areas.

Civil Engineering Design

Our Civil Engineering Design Services includes some or all of the following:

Our Process

Ideally we would like to be appointed at the beginning of the design process. This is especially true for large developments but also applies to small de elopements and individual houses as we can advise before detailed design of the scheme starts on any issues related to the development from a Civil Engineering perspective that may affect the layout and design of the project.

One of the first things that we do on appointment to a project is make formal contact with Irish Water through the Pre-Connection Enquiry process as this process can be slow and it is a good thing to set the wheels in motion as soon as possible. We would then liaise as part of the design team in the laying out of the development, again advising of any constraints from an engineering perspective. 

One the layout of the scheme we would provide designs, details and a written report on the Civil Engineering aspects of the development to accompany an application for Planning Permission and answer any questions from the Local Authority raised during the Planning Process. Once Planning Permission is received the designs and details are developed to Tender and Construction stages and necessary submissions to the Local Authority and Service Providers, in particular Irish Water, are made. Over the construction period regular site inspections are carried out, materials approved, tests witnessed etc. until the project is completed. Once the project is complete the necessary certifications and other paperwork is assembled for the developer, Local Authority and Irish Water.


Campus Manager

STEPHEN Campbell

Gordon White has been the lead Civil Engineering Designer for Citywest Business Campus and environs for three decades now and his knowledge of the Campus and its services has been invaluable over this period. Through his company GWCE Ltd., Gordon continues to provide day to day Civil Engineering consultancy as required. Along with Civil Engineering, GWCE are also the main provider of Legal Mapping for the developments in the area and have been since the first site here was registered in 1995.

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