Citywest Campus

Gordon White has had a 30 year involvement in the provision of Civil Engineering design and supervision services to Citywest Business Campus. Set over 250 hectares this carefully planned and landscaped environment took shape during the unprecedented growth period of the ‘Celtic Tiger Years’.

Citywest Business Campus is Ireland’s award-winning business park providing international standards in design, landscaping, connectivity and accessibility. The landscape elements that are the stand-out feature of the campus are also functional and form part of the Campus’s sustainable drainage system (SuDS) for surface water. Citywest was one of the first Irish developments to provide such Sustainable Drainage Systems that allowed for the development of agricultural land in a sensitive way and such that the development did not adversely affect the streams and watercourses to which it drained.

Riverwalk under construction
Riverwalk post completion

Riverwalk and
Riverwalk Plaza

Riverwalk, also known as the National Digital Park, is at the heart of Citywest Business Campus and includes offices, retails and café’s around a pedestrian plaza incorporating water features. Riverwalk incorporates a high degrees of telecommunications connectivity with resilient and diverse telecommunications infrastructure. Riverwalk also incorporates a pedestrian plaza area with feature canals and lakes which also serve as Sustainable Drainage Systems for the office buildings. The plaza area includes a wide variety of planting as well as cobbles reclaimed from the streets of Newcastle and a carved granite bridge imported from China. The offices at Riverwalk provide homes to many high profile national and international companies. Gordon White Consulting Engineers have their offices at Riverwalk Plaza.

Tara Pool and Upper Lakes

These were some of the first landscape features installed at Citywest and have matured nicely over the intervening years. They provide a home for a wide variety of wildlife and it is believed that the pair of swans that live there are believed to be from the same family that have lived there since it was fist built. The natural soil at Citywest is a strong black bounder clay and much of the material that was excavated to create these lakes was used to construct the embankment for Citywest Interchange on the N7 Naas Road. As with many of the water features at Citywest as well as providing a pleasant environment these lakes serve as Sustainable Drainage systems.

Tara Pool 1993
Tara Pool 1998
Tara Pool 2018
Lower Lakes from below, 1993
Lower Lakes from below, 1998
Lower Lakes from below, 2018
Lower Lakes from above, 1993
Lower Lakes from above, 1998
Lower Lakes from above, 2018

Lower Lakes and Waterside

As with the Tara Pool and Upper Lakes these lakes, including the weir and waterfall, were built in the early 1990s at the start of the development of Citywest Campus. These set the scene for the quality of environment that would be provided as part of the Citywest development and provide an attractive entrance to the Campus from the Naas Road. The lower of these lakes helps to control rain water run off from the western area of the Citywest development as the surface water from this area is brought by a series of lakes and streams to here and the flow from this lake is constricted to that which would be expected from agricultural lands. Additional surface water is stored in the lower lake by allowing the water level to rise in it which is then allowed to discharge at a controlled rate after the storm has passed.


Campus Manager

STEPHEN Campbell

Gordon White has been the lead Civil Engineering Designer for Citywest Business Campus and environs for three decades now and his knowledge of the Campus and its services has been invaluable over this period. Through his company GWCE Ltd., Gordon continues to provide day to day Civil Engineering consultancy as required. Along with Civil Engineering, GWCE are also the main provider of Legal Mapping for the developments in the area and have been since the first site here was registered in 1995.

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